When Should You Get Area Rug Cleaning Services?

When Should You Get Area Rug Cleaning Services?

  • November 30, 2020

Let’s get one thing straight. Rugs are really hard to clean. They don’t fit in a washer. They are super heavy when they are big. They are really hard to move if they are under furniture, and I am not about to go rent one of those carpet washers from the grocery store. Though, I know that vacuuming the area rugs just isn’t enough. Dust and dirt still stick to the fibers and lodge in spots that can’t be easily swept out with a broom or a vacuum. Instead, area rug cleaning services are absolutely necessary to get that area rug back to its vibrant and clean youth. If you are looking to revitalize your carpet in the West Chester or Cincinnati, Ohio area, then you need to know when to make the decision to call a professional crew of area rug cleaning experts. Here are some tips to help you with the decision.


When the colors start to fade

Your area rug may seem to be losing its colors. You may think that this is the natural progression of the quality of the rug. However, most likely, it isn’t the colors fading, rather it is dust and dirt building up on the surface of the fabric obscuring the colors from being visible. Dust and dirt muddle the colors and makes your rug look old and worn out. A quick clean by a professional area rug cleaning crew and your floors will look new again.


When your feet start to pick up dirt and dust

If you are walking around your home and you can feel grit on the bottoms of your feet, then you should know that you need to clean your area run. This is normal. All area rugs build up dirt and grim. If you are concerned about the cleaning process, you should hire a professional crew like ProDry Floor Care who can professionally clean your floors and all of your area rugs.

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