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ProDry – Spot and Stain Removal

You’ve just wrapped up hosting a get together in your new home. Your friends and family all enjoyed themselves and now its time to clean up. As you move around the house, tidying and dusting, you notice something you didn’t before – a new stain. Suddenly serving that red wine doesn’t seem like it was such a good idea.

Never fear. Your local professionals at ProDry Floor Care are here to help.

First, you must understand the three primary categories of stains:

Category 1These are stains derived from petroleum’s. Examples include gum, grease, ink and oils. These stains normally have an 80-90 percent removal success rate.

Category 2 – Synthetic based stains usually contain some form of man-made dye and are therefore tougher to get out with around a 50 percent removal success rate. Some common synthetic stains are kool-aid, fruit punch and cough syrup.

Category 3 – Stains made from a plant or animal source are referred to as organic stains. Some organic stains include mustard, coffee, urine, blood and vomit. Sadly, these stains have an average removal success rate of 75 percent or less.

Our process is simple. We use the most advanced stain removers handled by only trained and experienced professionals. We guarantee our ability to remove your stain, if possible. If we can’t and you find someone else who can, we will happily refund what you paid for our work. Click here to read about Pro-Dry Floor Care

Remember to stay on top of your spot and stain removal as the longer it sits, the more likely it is to move into the carpet fibers, making the job that much tougher.

Call today and get that heavy traffic area under control. Get rid of all that dirt and grime and get your carpet back to looking brand new, with the professionals at ProDry Floor Care.

When you have a spot or stain on your carpet, it often seems to stand out like a sore thumb.  As you walk by the spot or stain, it is often hard to not look at it, and think to yourself, that the unattractive sight really needs some attention.  The carpet cleaning experts at ProDry Floor Care would like to offer their services of spot and stain removal for your home or business.  We know that you take great pride in your surroundings, and we aim to please when it comes to removing those obtrusive, stubborn stains on your carpet.

Although removing unwanted spots and stains from carpets is our specialty, it is important for you to know that the sooner a stubborn stain can be attacked, the better the chance that it can be removed.  Did you know that there are three main categories of stains?  That’s right.  Professional spot and stain removers, place stains into these categories, so they know exactly the best way to remove the spot.

Petroleum-based stains, such as stains caused by gum, ink, oil, or grease, have a very good chance of being removed.  Typically, the complete removal chance is about 80-90%.

Synthetic-based stains can be a bit more difficult.  These are stains that are caused by things like artificially-colored medicines, punches, and Kool-aids.  All of these products include man-made dyes that are more difficult, but not always impossible, to remove from the carpet.

The last category is organic-based stains.  These are stains that are created by a plant, animal, or human typically.  Things like coffee, blood, and vomit fall into this category.

The professionals at ProDry Floor Care use the strongest spot and stain removal cleaners available in the industry, as well as our specialized carpet cleaning machines, in order to remove tenacious stains.  Remember that the sooner we can work on the stain, the better chance we will have in completely removing it.

As always, the staff at ProDry Floor Care aims to provide all of their customers with excellent customer service, as we service the community with honesty, diligence, and trustworthiness













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