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Pet owners are usually quick to say that their dog or cat is like a member of their family.  How can it seem otherwise?  Pets offer so much to the people who have them, including a sense of loyalty, companionship, and protectiveness from unwanted strangers.  If you are a pet owner, then you are probably familiar with the joy and comfort that having a pet can bring.  However, one nuisance about having a pet can sometimes be the lingering scent of pet odor or even a stain on your carpet that was caused by your beloved pet.  The carpet cleaning professionals at ProDry Floor Care are here to help you with the removal of pet odors and stains associated with your pet.

Did you know that dogs can have about 20 different species of bacteria existing in their mouths?  This number is minimal compared to the millions of bacteria that can be found in a dog’s fecal matter.  As wonderful as a dog is to have around your home, every dog brings some mess into a home and onto your carpets.  For example, dogs can leave saliva, urine, feces, dander, or dirt on your carpet, and these substances promote pet odors and sometimes pet stains from forming.  The experts at ProDry Floor Care have the experience, tools, and knowledge to help you alleviate unpleasant pet odors and remove unattractive pet stains from your carpet. See here for information about Pro-Dry Floor Care

As with most carpet stains or obtrusive odors, the quicker the carpets are cleaned, and the more regularly that they are cleaned, the better the chance of having your carpets look, and smell, as good as new.  ProDry Floor Care has carpet cleaners that will break down the proteins and molecules that are the root of the pet odors and pet stains.  Removal of these agents is far superior than just covering them up, and that is what our cleaning techniques can accomplish.

Depending on the amount of your pet odor or pet stain, ProDry Floor Care has three different levels of service that are used for removing the pet-originated problems.  We have a minor treatment, a moderate treatment, and a major treatment.  Almost all of our pet projects can be solved with minor or moderate treatment, and the results are amazing.

If we can help you with the removal of pet odors or pet stains from your carpet, then contact us today.  We know that your pets are like family to you, and our goal is to help you provide them and your family with a clean, welcoming environment in which to live and enjoy!
Pets are family, and we get that. We also understand that there can be challenges to having indoor pets. Whether its urine deposits, pet odor, or just any other foul odor, our specially formulated solution can take care of the job. Pet odors are the result of bacteria growth, which is common in warm, dark places like your carpet. The longer things resonate, the worse it gets. The same is for urine deposits which can cause permanent color damage, either by adding color by dying the carpet fibers or by removing color by releasing carpet dyes.

These can be irreversible, and should be treated as soon as possible to prevent any permanent staining. Guaranteed to remove any odor from carpets, rugs or upholstery, ProDry’s formula breaks apart the molecules and proteins that cause odors and stains. Never covering or masking the odor, ProDry actually removes the odor causing agents preventing any further damage and staining. Don’t wait another minute, call ProDry today!





 Minor Odor Treatment – We use enzymes, which are formulated for chemically sensitive people and safe your family. The enzyme is added to our prespray, and also focused on each urine spot before cleaning to eat up the urine bacteria. This procedure will help reduce odor but is not intended on removing severe odor as this is merely treating the surface of the carpet. If you can smell the odor when you walk in the room, this is not minor odor. This will help reduce or control the problem, not eliminate it. Minor odor can only be smelled if you are on your hands and knees or on a humid day.

 Moderate Odor Treatment –  Water claw sub surface extraction. With this process, we saturate the spot with a special oxidizing deodorizer so the cleaning agent reaches into the padding. We then use the “water claw” sub surface extractor to pull the urine out. This process will reduce the odor significantly, but may or may not completely cure severe problems. Moderate odor treatment is not guaranteed. CAUTION SHOULD BE USED IF THERE IS WOOD BENEATH THE CARPET. The “water claw” procedure is $25 for each spot up to 2 square feet.

 Major Odor Treatment – This is a full-blown odor treatment designed to completely eliminate the odor if the pet is no longer living in the home. The carpet is pulled up and padding discarded. The carpet is thoroughly cleaned on both sides with enzymes and oxidizing agents that neutralize the urine. The sub-floor, baseboards and backing of the carpet are treated with a special, clear, “odor barrier”. This procedure will undoubtedly correct any pet urine problem. The cost can range from $200 and up depending on the situation.

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Note: In most cases, we use the minor and moderate odor treatment procedures. We normally treat the more severe areas with the moderate treatment.

To the right is a diagram of how we treat moderate subsurface odor issues.





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