Professional pet odor and stains cleaning

Professional pet odor and stains cleaning

  • September 14, 2020

Even when your pets are well-trained, they still have tendencies to mess up your
floor either by accident or intentionally. Dealing with pet messes can be irritating
and stressful; it only gets easier when you seek professional pet odor and stains
cleaning services from the best floor care company in Cincinnati and Northern
Kentucky area. These cleaning companies offer a full deep clean, which helps to
completely eliminate any stains and odors that might be interfering with the
cleanliness and comfort of your indoor environment.

If you’re wondering what benefits from hiring a professional to do your pet
stain cleaning, don’t go too far! We got answers for you.

Why do I need a Professional Pet Stain and odor
cleaning Service?

Professional pet odor and stains cleaning can completely handle a variety of
tough pet stains and odor without causing damage to your floor, rugs, and carpet.

Hidden benefits of professional pet odor and stain
cleaning services

Natural cleaning solutions.
As a homeowner, you do not want to bring harmful chemicals into your home.
One benefit of professional carpet cleaning companies like ProDry floor care is
that they only utilize non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly cleaning
chemicals to correctly do the job. These cleaning solutions pose no threat to
health, and you can be assured of a safe environment.

With a professional cleaning service, pet odor and stains can be removed as well
as creating a safer indoor environment.

Deep cleaning
Pets harbor various harmful germs and bacteria in their urine and feces. Germs
do not only affect the top layer of carpet; they can find their way down to the
carpet padding. Ordinary scrubbing and using other DIY methods may not reach
deep down. Therefore, It is required to opt for a professional service.
Professionals use commercial-grade stain removal equipment and cleaning
solutions to remove tough deep-down stains.

Bacteria breakdown & urine proteins

When Pets urinate on your carpet, components, such as water, urea, sodium, uric
acid, creatinine, and potassium are released to your carpet. Your leaving these
stains unattended can encourage the growth of harmful bacteria that can
contribute to health risk factors. These harmful bacteria require specific enzymes
to be broken down. Although you can get enzyme cleaners in shops and stores,
these cleaners may not be strong and effective enough to eliminate tough pet
stains and odors.

Choosing a professional pet stain and odor cleaning services to do the job is
advisable because you can be assured that the stains and odors will vanish in no
time and that all harmful bacteria will be eliminated with the use of totally safe

In conclusion, unattended pet stains and odor can cause potential health risks
in your home. Also, stains that are not effectively removed can reduce the
longevity of your carpets cleaned. To totally eliminate the pet odor and stains
with minimal health risks for your family, and damage to your carpets, ProDry
floor should be your choice of professional service. We offer the best pet stains
and odor cleaning services in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Sit back and
relax, you’ll have a perfect job done! Call us today for a free quote (513-497-1291)!

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