How to Choose A Floor Cleaning Company

How to Choose A Floor Cleaning Company

  • October 5, 2020

Are you looking to keep your office floors as clean as possible? Trying to get your home ready to sell and need a thorough floor cleaning? Need to get rid of impossible pet stains that you can’t seem to get out? A professional floor cleaning service is exactly what you need. Not all services are the same, however, so here are a few tips you can use to make sure you choose the right one:

Check For Reviews

The first thing you need to do is look for reviews for the company you are using. With the internet, it is easy to find past customers and see what they had to say. Be wary of companies that don’t have any type of review listing on their social media or websites—they may have something to hide.

Ask About Your Specific Needs

Not all cleaning services are equipped to handle the same types of jobs. A company that specializes in large-scale floor cleaning for hotels may not be the right fit if you need a hardwood floor or carpet cleaned after a pet accident. Similarly, if you have a large office or hotel space that needs cleaning, make sure the company you are thinking about using has the resources necessary for a large job.

What Products Do They Use

Perhaps one of the most important things to ask about is the type of cleaning products they use. If a company uses harsh chemicals, it could result in negative allergic reactions for pets or your family. Make sure that the chemicals they use are safe. You may also want to check and see what types of soaps and detergents they use as well.

With the emphasis on green cleaning, you may also want to look for environmentally friendly companies that use sustainable approaches and biodegradable detergents.

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