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Ranging from handmade Orientals to your everyday area rugs, ProDry handles each rug cleaning with special care. Offering free pick-up and delivery, we bring your rug to our cleaning center to begin the cleaning process. Starting with a thorough inspection, our trained technicians survey the rug pinpointing areas that need the utmost attention and special care. After a deep vacuuming, and filtrating of fibers, the rug is final prepped for cleaning. Using our cleaning solutions, our cleaning process lifts and cleans the deep down dirt, grime, bacteria and allergens that others can miss. Learn more about Pro-Dry Floor Care

This cleaning process is repeated as many times as necessary, until we know that your rug is 100% clean and satisfactory for delivery. Whenever you’re ready for a rug cleaning, give ProDry a call, and know that you can rest assured when your rug was cleaned by ProDry!

Area rugs add so much comfort, style, and charm to people’s homes or businesses.  Most folks tend to care for their area rugs regularly by vacuuming the rug routinely; however, did you know that it is also a good idea to have area rugs professionally cleaned periodically?  The staff at ProDry Floor Care are experts in the department of cleaning area rugs, and we would like to offer our services to you, too.

Our staff is highly-qualified to provide cleaning services for your more-common area rugs or your treasured Oriental rugs.  With a long history of caring for area rugs, to our meticulous cleaning process, ProDry Floor Care professionals guarantee to treat your area rugs with optimum care and provide excellent results every time.

As we begin the cleaning process of your area rug, we will first complete an inspection of the rug to check for any damage or for stains that need special attention during cleaning.  We will also perform a color bleed test, in a hidden spot on the rug, in order to ensure that the rug colors will not bleed during the cleaning process.  We will complete front and back vacuuming of the area rug before we pre-treat any noticeable spots.  At this stage, we will hand-clean the rug, followed by a complete inspection for conformity and completeness.  We will re-clean, as needed.  The last stage is to hang the area rug on a drying rack, where it will remain until it is completely dry, and is ready to be returned to your home or office

The staff at ProDry Floor Care will pick-up and deliver your area rug anywhere within a 25-mile radius of our shop, which is located in West Chester.  We guarantee to transport your area rug with optimal care, as we know your rug(s) are important to you.  You can trust our staff to take good care of your investment and your area rug cleaning services.

We offer Area Rug Cleaning for the Greater Cincinnati area within a 25 mile radius of our office in West Chester.   All area rug services have a  $150 minimum and are picked up and delivered within our service area free of charge.





STANDARD CLEANING – $3.50 per Square Foot 

FRINGE CLEANING – $1.00 per Linear Foot


PROTECTION – $25 per Rug   Includes our 12 Month Spot and Spill Warranty against food or drink spills



STANDARD RUG SIZES AND PRICES:  (Standard Cleaning) * Minimum Charge Does Apply

3 x 5 – $52.50*                              4 x 6 – $84.00*                     5 x 7 – $122.50*

6 x 9 – $189.00                            8 x 10 – $280.00                  9 x 12 – $378.00

10 x 14 – $490.00                         12 x 15 – $630.00



We do not machine wash oriental and area rugs. Machine washing is a “quantity” cleaning method used to wash rugs quickly. Our process is a “quality” cleaning method used when rug safety and a thorough cleaning are more important than cleaning speed.

We identify the proper cleaning method on each rug to insure we do not over-wet the rug dependent on fiber type. Over-wetting may result in browning or shrinkage.

Cleaning residue left in rugs causes rapid re-soiling. When we clean your rug it is cleaned with a residue free solution.






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